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Cookie Curator's Top 9 Cookie Tools from Amazon

One of the biggest questions I get asked is: “What are your go-to tools for cookie decorating?” Y'all, this question is SO hard because there are so many things I use each day for different tasks, but I went through my Amazon list and chose my Top 9 must-have items.

A mixer is an absolute must-have in the baking world, and I love my Commercial Grade Kitchen Aid. I usually mix up a triple batch of dough or 8 lbs of royal icing at a time using this baby. I have a 7-qt and an 8- qt mixer , and I use both daily.

Don't forget to name your mixer, too! My mixers are "The Cookie Creator" and "Mixin' Vixen.”

I spend hours in my workspace, and having an area that adjusts to what I need and is comfortable is incredibly important. I LOVE my desk. I love how easy it is to program different heights customized to me. Whether I'm sitting down or standing up, my desk is up to the task with a single push of a button.

My 3-D printer has become my go-to for all my cookie-cutter needs. From designing class sets to that last-minute order, I can print everything I need within hours. Each cutter becomes my own, and I can even sell them within my online store for customers nationwide. Plus, most cookie-cutter companies now sell their 3-D files, which is incredibly convenient when you don't want to design on your own.

I use my projector for logos, lettering, and everything in between. A projector is an easy way to provide consistency on the details you add to your cookies. On another note, I have the WORST handwriting, and my projector has helped so much with beautiful lettering on my cookies every time.

Having a food dehydrator on hand is a huge help within the cookie world. Whether you are in a rush with an order or you're working through the winter months, which puts a lot of moisture in the air, and you need help speeding up the drying process, this baby has you covered. I also love the shiny look it gives your royal icing as it dries.

I have gone through many different styles of airbrushes, and I love these easy-to-use, handheld airbrushes I've found on Amazon. When working on larger projects, I'll use my desktop, but for the most part, when I need small details here or there or when I'm teaching airbrushing in class, these are my forever go-tos.

Every cookie that I package is heat sealed to help lock in the freshness, as well as keep it safe while transporting or when handled. They are so easy to use, plus you can adjust the time to work with whatever cellophane packaging you're working with. My heat sealer gets used every single week, and I can not recommend it enough!

Okay, I admit, this may be an odd one out, but hear me out! After years of dealing with bag clips or tying my bags in knots, I discovered a tape dispenser, and my life has changed for the better. With one little swipe through the machine, my piping bags are sealed and ready to go. This is especially helpful when teaching cookie decorating classes. Trust me, buy this; you won't regret it.

Oh, just this photo alone makes my heart so happy. This is my go-to flavor for my sugar cookies. It brings a delicious depth to a basic vanilla-flavored cookie with that hint of buttery goodness. And yes- I do buy a gallon of this favoring at a time and go through it pretty quickly too.

Don't want to commit to a gallon? Find a 16 oz bottle here.

I hope this list was helpful as you start or continue your cookie-decorating journey. Check out my Amazon storefront for more favorite products!

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