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Our Cookies

Touted as the “tastiest royal icing ever,” the Cookie Curator’s royal icing has soft hints of fresh squeezed Meyer lemon. Hand-applied for smooth consistency, each layer of royal icing is dried to perfection.

The classic Cookie Curator sugar cookie dough is handcrafted one tasty batch at a time. The dough is created with only the finest ingredients, including critically acclaimed Madagascar Vanilla Bean Paste by Nielsen Massey. Once consumed, the traditional sugar cookie melts down to a creamy consistency in one’s mouth, acting as the perfect base for whatever your chosen Cookie Curator royal icing design may be.


The chocolate Cookie Curator sugar cookie dough hosts a creamy cocoa taste. While maintaining the traditional cookie’s perfect consistency, the chocolate cookie adds a sense of further indulgence. It is sure to please the taste buds of even your pickiest chocolate connoisseur.

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