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Every profession has a tool that they cannot live without. It is the one item that is used day in and day out, a constant companion, and helps make your job just that much easier. For me, that tool is a scribe.

The main purpose of a scribe is:

1. To help move and manipulate the royal icing during the piping and flooding process

2. To pop annoying bubbles that can appear after flooding

3. To shake your cookie after flooding, to allow the icing the settle.

4. To move your cookie by inserting your scribe and sliding it around your workspace.

When I started cookie decorating over 7 years ago, I used a basic toothpick as my scribe and shortly after upgraded to a sewing scribe. It wasn't for another year or so before a cookier scribe became available on the mass market. Now scribes come in all shapes and sizes and are sold on various sites including Etsy and Amazon.

I absolutely love my scribe designed by Happy Sweets and Treats. She designed this particular scribe based on my logo with a star detail that is so personal to me. It seriously makes me so happy each time I use it.

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